Zionsville Physical Therapy is a therapist owned outpatient physical therapy private practice.  We
emphasize personalized, one to one care, focused on you and meeting your goals.

After receiving a physician's referral, you are thoroughly evaluated by a physical therapist.   The results are submitted to the referring doctor in a timely fashion.  Appointments can usually be scheduled within 48 hours. 

Based on each person's needs, you are treated with a combination of therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, and physical agents such as heat, ultrasound or electrical stimulation treatment.  Your physical therapist
customizes a home exercise program to address weakness, stiffness,  pain and postural habits.

Zionsville Location
Near Northwest Indianapolis and Carmel

We are located at
Boone Village Shopping Center, at the intersection of State Road 334 and Ford Road in Zionsville.

Just click on the link below for directions.

77 Boone Village
Zionsville, IN 46077

T      (317) 873-2033
FAX  (317) 873-8934


New Professionally Supervised
Excercise Programs

Call for details! 
Professionally Supervised Excercise Class
Tues. and Thurs. 6:30-7:30PM
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Mondays at 7pm
Donations to selected charities

Individual Medically Supervised Gym
Available for $40 a Month

Indiana Physical Therapy Laws Changes

In July, 2013 Indiana laws changed to allow access to physical therapy services without a doctor referral.   Call to discuss how you can schedule an appointment with a therapist now.

New Indiana Laws for Physical Therapy Services!

Understanding Physical Therapy
Discovery Channel Health
Back Pain and Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is the cornerstone of back pain therapy. 
From Back Pain by Mayo Clinic

"We advise physicians to start with non-pharmacological treatments such as physical therapy and exercise, weight loss to reduce stress on joints, and heat or cold therapy," said Elliott Antman, MD, FAHA, lead author of the American Heart Association scientific statement.

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